Friday, January 27, 2017


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A drug permanently altered his reality, and now off the grid in the Caribbean; Sly crosses paths with a young woman named Fox, left all alone by her neglectful fiancee. She might be a mirage but she seems perfect. The collateral damages follow him back home to the states, where he becomes the target of a vengeful drug dealer, who has just learned of their interlude. Then a mystery caller tracks him down and brings him in on a plan to respond in kind, by derailing the illicit operations of his newfound nemesis. But when he discovers that he was secretly given the most lethal synthetic drug in existence, he has to go abroad to get the only antidote, and then settle the score once and for all. 

—A trippy thrill-ride you won't want to put down.


Crash is a lively assortment of stories that take Sly to exotic locales, and place him in the company of dangerous adversaries and capable cohorts. “Dawn of the Dead” takes him to New Orleans where he gets too close for comfort with the spouse of a shady businessman. In “Clubbed,” he risks life and limb to sneak into an exclusive party to get sensitive information on a criminal, and in “Crash,” a sexy psycho with a mysterious grudge sets out to get even by blackmailing him into committing a spectacular crime. Plus “Reality Bites” and “Pulp”. 

—5 tales of suspense, action, and twisted romance.