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Tools of the trade

There are plenty of tools or rather skills which communicators can acquire to help the content they produce be more beneficial for consumers.One of those skills is publishing content that is tool-neutral (Kolodzy, 2012). Being tool neutral means that journalists must know how provide content across a variety of social media platforms, thereby giving options to audiences members in terms of how they want to consume content. Take Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram as an example. Each has their own distinct way of presenting content to their users. Distributing content on them concurrently is the best approach to reach the largest audience. (Shearer & Gottfried, 2017) found that Facebook is the site that people use the most, on a daily basis.

     Frequency of Social media use by platform (n.d.)
For example; when publishing a story about a disastrous incident, add a link to an image you posted on Instagram and Twitter of one the survivors accompanying the text you posted on Face…

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